Make Your Old Jewelry Like New Again

Make Your Old Jewelry Like New Again

Let our Virginia Beach, VA jewelers at Nunez Fine Jewelers restore your antique jewelry

The ring on your finger is generations old, and you want to keep it in the best shape possible. You’d like to restore it to the way it might have looked when it was first created. Nunez Fine Jewelers of Virginia Beach, VA, can restore your antique piece to the look of its original era so you can wear it with confidence.

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3 ways we can restore your antique jewelry

Whether you’ve purchased an old ring from an antique store or have an old family heirloom you’d like to wear, we have the services you need to get it glittering again. Here are a few ways we can restore your jewelry:

  1. Rebuild prongs or re-shank to make it safe for daily wear.
  2. Replace elements of the piece so you can have peace of mind that it will be secure for years to come.
  3. Clean and inspect it regularly.

You can count on Nunez Fine Jewelers to restore the appearance of your antique jewelry.