Nunez Fine Jewelers offers State of the Art Jewelry Repair Shop

Visit our Jewelry Repair Specialist in Virginia Beach, VA!

Your diamond is loose, or it fell out and you're in a panic. Come in to Nunez Fine Jewelers in Virginia Beach, VA. We can repair it for you right on the premises in our fully equipped shop. We have a laser welder, and the owner/jeweler has 40-plus years of experience. Most repairs are done in 48 hours, but for an extra fee we offer rush services. Our services include:

  • Replace stones
  • Re-set and remount stones
  • Re-cut and polish stones
  • Re-tip or rebuild prongs
  • Replace heads
  • Size rings
  • Solder or laser weld breaks
  • Restore antique jewelry
  • Refurbish Gold, Platinum, and Silver
  • Rhodium plating
  • Install arthritic shanks or spring bars
  • Restring pearls or beads
  • Reassemble puzzle rings
  • Repair watches
  • Replace batteries and size bands

We can help you evaluate whether your jewelry is worth repairing, explain why it broke, and fix it correctly. We offer complimentary jewelry cleaning while you wait. When others say it can't be fixed, come see what Nunez Fine Jewelers in Virginia Beach, VA, can do for you!