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Rebecca Harner

2 months ago

"Great place and great prices. My husband and I bought our rings for our wedding there and we couldn't be happier. They stand behind their products 100%. Friendly service and family owned and operated. Hard working Americans at its best as I always try to Support local business! Thank you for our beautiful rings Debbie!!"

Gaye Pietricika

6 months ago

"This jeweler is fantastic! They made my wedding ring 5 years ago and unfortunately, with age, my knuckle has swollen. I could barely get my ring on or off easily anymore. I finally decided it was time to get the ring resized. I put it off because I figured I'd have to have it made much bigger and wear some ugly plastic sizer inside to keep it from spinning around. Nope! Pete resized it and added a fantastic spring attachment made out of the same white gold. It slipped past my knuckle and then sprung tight around my finger to hold it in place. I am thrilled!!! It is completely invisible and comfortable again!"

Franco Faulkner

a year ago

"I took my pendant to them that got ruined in a fight I tried to break up. No other jewelers would even attempt to try to fix it. I was told how much do you really like your pendant cause it's not gonna be cheap to fix. The last jeweler I tried to take it to actually told me to take it to Nunez Fine Jewelry. He said that he does great work and also had the right tools/machine to do the job. I am so glad I did. I figured that if another jeweler talks pretty highly of another jeweler he must be good. My pendant was twisted up and had 30 cracks through out the cross. When got it back I couldn't believe that it looks almost just as good as the day I bought it 13 years ago. I only say almost because of the small blemishes that I can see from the welding of the 30 or so cracks . But honestly you wouldn't even notice unless I told you to look really close. Overall I am very satisfied with the work and service that I received from Mr.Nunez. I would absolutely recommend him for the smallest to the biggest repairs for your jewelry. Thanks once again , I will definitely be back."

Joseph Moore

8 months ago

"They were amazing - charged me half the first estimate I received and sized my ring in one day. They were courteous, professional and did an incredible job. Customer for life!"

Leonard Green

2 years ago

"I've had the pleasure of working with Debbie and Pete (owners of Nunez) 3 times, and each time the experience has been suburb from start to finish. They've complete three custom pieces for me, and each time I've simply provided pictures and a description of the jewelry I wanted, and each time Pete has knocked it out of the park. The best part is that they offer reasonable prices, and quality far above what you'll find at the national chain's. I've since moved from the Virginia Beach area and Nunez continues to provide service as if I'm still a Virginia Beach resident. I'll be a customer of Nunez for life."

Lili Kazemi

9 months ago

"Express resizing done in a jiffy ! Wonderful business and best in class."

Kristi Francisco

4 years ago

"I would not go anywhere else for fine jewelry! My original bridal set was purchased from a large chain and the rings caused irritation and rash so badly that I could not wear them. I took them back to the retailer who claimed it was usual for customers to get rashes and they just had to re-plate the rings. Sadly, they sent them out un-securely and my rings were stolen during shipment. During the three aggravating months it took for the chain store to resolve the issue, Nunez Jewelers helped me out all along the way. The advice, encouragement, and friendly small business manner helped me through everything. I settled for a loose diamond with the large chain, Pete did an amazing job setting my diamond! Even better, I had the setting the next day because work is performed onsite. A year later, my finger is still rash free, and I have a new one stop shop for jewelry shopping!"